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Community and regional banks are under increasing pressure to build non-interest revenue while holding the line on costs. At the same time, their customers are demanding more and more financial services. Many banks already offer investment and insurance services, but many of these programs are often under performing and not well integrated. Other banks have yet to offer such services and are confused by the myriad of offerings. Clearly, with 30-50 percent of their customers as part of the investing public, banks need to find the best way to offer these services in a way that is both profitable and is a cultural fit with their institution.

Since 1989, USAdvisors Network (USAN) has helped community and regional banks build, implement and manage successful investment programs offering individual investing and financial planning. Serving scores of banks across the country, we have the expertise and the passion to help you reach your institution's goals. Whether you have an existing program or you are starting a new one, USAdvisors Network can customize a dynamic investment services program designed to serve your customers - enhancing their satisfaction and making a positive contribution to your bank's non-interest income.

As a truly independent organization, USAN’s business-building management, compliance, marketing, strategic planning and recruiting services put you in position to serve your customers, reduce costs and increase revenues. Working with USAdvisors Network can improve customer retention and help make your bank a profitable, full-service institution.

With experienced, hands-on professionals throughout the country, USAdvisors Network is positioned to be a close, trusted resource for your investment services program. When all is said and done, it is the focused efforts of USAN professionals that will help you guide your program to realize its potential.

Additionally, USAN serves as the complete ‘front office’ between your bank's investment program and the broker-dealer and clearing firm (back office). We strive to fill each and every service need, as well as provide the type of proactive approach that achieves superior results.

USAdvisors Network brings to your practice:

•    Initial consulting and strategic planning
•    Recruiting services to build your practice
•    A vast array of products and services (including sophisticated advisory services)
•    Access to national networking and industry events
•    Best-of-class technology
•    Practical and effective marketing
•    Compliance
•    Superior training
•    On-going support and consulting

Success Stories - Banks

  • SUCCESS STORY #1 - The Rural Start-Up +

    We had the opportunity to work with an institution that was very, very rural (more than 100 miles from any major city), and wanted to start and become successful at the investment business. Recruiting an experienced advisor would be difficult, and the bank staff had no knowledge in this area. After some significant consultation with our staff, a combination dual-employee/platform model emerged - a model that would rely heavily on training, tracking, and executive level involvement. The result was a high-functioning investment division of this bank that grossed in excess of $450k in its first year of operation. Today that institution produces revenue over twice that amount - in a setting no other investment firm had ever even thought to serve.
  • SUCCESS STORY #2 - Maximizing Organizational Leverage +

    A regional bank has a perplexing problem - it was in an affluent market, had a group of wire-house trained advisors, spent heavily on promotion, but was not getting anywhere near the results hoped for. Again, through a process of active engagement and consultation, a staff member of USAdvisors Network put together a business development plan that made several subtle changes to the tactical operating processes at the bank (particularly in the area of referral generation), and targeted considerable efforts at re-training the advisors to adapt to the bank environment they were now a part of. Lastly, a training program for senior management was instituted that taught them the proper ways to support and fuel the success of the investment program. Within months, the bank’s investment program saw revenues climb over 40 percent, with almost no incremental expense. Further, the program and advisors became far more integrated with the institution, and the program has become a gem amongst the bank non-core business units.
  • USAdvisors Network +

    USAdvisors Network has worked with scores of banks and hundreds of bank-based advisors over the years. One simple truth has emerged - that no one model or strategy has worked well at all community or regional banks. In fact, there is almost an infinite combination of factors that ultimately lead to investment program success, and just as many ways to organize this business to succeed - or to fail.
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