Broker dealer firms once viewed banks and credit unions as their competition; however, many have come to understand the synergy of affiliating with their counterparts.  USAdvisors Network has consulted and been integral in the development and expansion for several of the nation’s largest broker/dealer organizations entering the financial institution arena.  The expansion of this distribution strategy has increased their value proposition, reduced distribution risk and added 20%+ annually to their existing revenue.

We know that it is difficult to start from scratch or expand a financial institution division when focusing on the retail core of a broker/dealer.  The unique differences in practices, advisors, hierarchy, language, rules and processes make it difficult to grow in this space.  USAdvisors Network has provided instrumental, financial institution specific advice in the areas of marketing, recruiting, advisor development, client acquisition, technology, compliance, legal and program structure for the broker/dealer community.

The executive team at USAdvisors Network has the unique perspective of consulting advisors, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies and broker/dealers across the country and compiling a myriad of “best practices”.  After our fact-finding and analysis stages, these best practices are modified to fit the environment unique to the organization.

Your firm’s opportunity to soar starts with some heavy lifting.  USAdvisors Network provides the fulcrum to make your lifting easier and your opportunity to rapidly eclipse your growth goals.

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