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You've spent a long time and a lot of effort to build your professional practice. Whether you're an insurance agency looking to expand your line of financial services, or you're a CPA trying to be a full service consultant to your clients - USAdvisors Network understands your entrepreneurial spirit. Since 1989, we have supported many professionals, helped them grow and expand their practices. As an independent and entrepreneurial firm ourselves, we understand the importance of not being beholden to a large organization or a particular vendor or product manufacturer.

We also know that it's difficult to pay adequate attention to your core business and still offer new additional services to your clients. That's where USAN comes in. We have the expertise and the resources to help you succeed in the investment business. USAN’s business-building management, compliance, marketing, strategic planning, and recruiting services put you in position to better serve your clients, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

With experienced, hands-on professionals throughout the country, USAdvisors Network is positioned to be a close, trusted resource for your practice. When all is said and done, it is the focused efforts of USAN professionals that will help your practice realize its full potential.

USAN serves as the complete ‘front office’ between your investment business and the broker-dealer and clearing firm (back office). We strive to fill each and every service need, as well as provide the type of proactive approach that achieves superior results.

USAdvisors Network (USAN) brings to your practice:

•    Initial consulting and strategic planning
•    Recruiting services to build your practice
•    A vast array of products and services (including sophisticated advisory services)
•    Access to national networking and industry events
•    Best-of-class technology
•    Practical and effective marketing
•    Compliance
•    Superior training
•    On-going support and consulting

Success Stories - Other Professionals

  • USAdvisors Network +

    Many professionals who are tied either directly or indirectly to financial services have long sought ways to be of greater service to their clients by offering investment services. It can be anywhere from standard brokerage and mutual funds to high-end estate planning, trust, and investment advisory services. USAdvisors Network stands ready to help your professional practice in whatever way makes sense for you.
  • SUCCESS STORY #1 - The CPA Who Wanted to Help His Clients +

    Most accountants spend the majority of their time with clients on tax matters, consulting, and sophisticated financial services. Out of those relationships spring many opportunities for investment products and services like municipals, annuities, and other tax-advantaged investments. The client could be turned over to an outside resource, but at that point the CPA loses control of the relationship and is often unsure of exactly what type of service his client will receive. He could do it himself, but most CPAs do not have the time or inclination to get and maintain the appropriate licensure, let alone stay abreast of all the potential investment alternatives. That's where USAdvisors Network can help. We can recruit and train licensed investment professionals who can be part of your professional practice and create an investment program that is subject to your professional constraints and design. Such a program can not only help your clients, but will enhance their loyalty and improve your practice’s overall profitability.
  • SUCCESS STORY #2 - The Insurance Agency That Wanted to Expand Its Practice +

    Most insurance agencies and estate planning practices have become experts at designing effective, practical financial plans to maximize their client's future wealth while helping to protect their assets from excessive taxation. While many of the needs of these plans are easily and expertly fulfilled by the menu of financial and insurance products at their disposal, many times these financial plans call for sophisticated investment products and services - from individual securities to fee-based advisory accounts, to tax-advantaged investments. Often these investment services are outside the comfort zone of many planners and insurance professionals. While many have securities licenses, they have been used mainly for investment-related insurance products, and rarely stray far from that domain. That's where USAdvisors Network can help. We can recruit licensed investment professionals who can help you in this area - bringing needed expertise and access to products and services, all while working under your guidelines. It's a powerful combination that could take your insurance organization to the next level.
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